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Nordhorn – 100% polish socks factory!

Nordhorn – 100% polish socks factory!

We can help You to prepare promotional gift socks easily and quickly in a few steps!


First of all You should tell us what type of socks do you need.

Sneaker short socks, casual socks, knee-high socks or maybe stylish sock to a suit?

Due to the fact that we are manufacturer ourselves – we have a really large production possibilities available.

2. Socks are one of the best carrier of the Customer’s logo. Brand name and trademark can be placed almost anywhere. Also You shouldn’t forget that the socks can (and should!) be packed – and this is an excellent opportunity to underline company’s name, slogan of the campaign or any other information important for the Customer.
3. We are in constant loyal cooperation with several manufacturers and distributors of different kinds of yarn. This allows us to offer a wide range of colors that can be used in the production of your socks. You will certainly find the color of the yarn You or your Customer need with no problem.

4. If You already have a general concept of the socks, then it’s time for the „final touch”. To make socks more expressive, eye catching or just nicer we can add an other components. Maybe cuff in a different color? Maybe contrasting toes and heels? Maybe you have some other idea?

We can really do a lot – use the potential of our factory!
Socks can be cool!

Nordhorn - socks manufacturer

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